Women’s Studio Workshop

Interview with Ellen Wiener

at Women’s Studio Workshop

Click here above to read the full article about my ongoing collaboration with artist Ellen Wiener, who spent her fellowship at the Women’s Studio Workshop focusing on images for the next suit (Clubs) in our book of playing card poems and images  in progress, Reflected Deck.  About our most recent endeavor, the Women’s Studio Workshop reports:

Ellen and LB address their next suit—the clubs, also known as the wands—through the garden, using botanical imagery to explore the suit’s coded narratives. “The clubs are not a weapon, but a clover,” Ellen says. “The whole suit of wands is about inspiration and a green sense of vivid life.” For example, the Ten of Wands, which symbolizes the overburdened individual, is interpreted by the pair as an ecosystem overrun by invasive plants.

Working side-by-side, their ongoing conversations develop rich layers of metaphor and symbolism, what Ellen calls “sharing a palette of ideas.” As LB composes poems for each card, Ellen interprets their visual lexicon through drawings. 

The first of four limited edition boxed sets Poems in the Suit of Diamonds  have been printed as a deck of 5×7 cards with the look and feel of playing cards. As with playing cards, the poems can be read right-side up and upside down, further probing themes of mirroring and inversion also found in Wiener’s painting, Cabinet with Cards.  The painting and poems share imagery and symbolism, as they explore themes of currency, economy, and the material world as represented in the suit of diamonds. Card back design by Ellen Wiener. Boxed decks are available for $50 in a signed, numbered edition of 250.


cards7 copy 2



Another collaboration presents Wiener’s story wall Longhand Forest, and the poems in my sequence Fibonacci Monstrosity. An exhibition catalog Fibonacci Forest, in which details from the forest wall are paired with the poems is also available.

Exhibition catalog available for $50. Email LBThompson27@gmail.com to order

Views of camouflaged tubes containing poems, arranged in two Fibonacci nautilus spirals in 2014 exhibition.